Robert Boyce’s New Book ‘Kettle of Tears’ is an Adventurous Historical Novel That Transports Its Readers to an Atmospheric and Action-Packed Journey

Fulton Books author Robert Boyce, a cabinetmaker and a loving husband, has completed his debut novel, “Kettle of Tears”:  an exciting read filled with action that will surely take its readers to the edge of their seats.
Robert writes, “When Nate Tallhelm left his homestead to visit his uncle’s place hard by the eastern slopes of the continental divide in 1870, he had no idea of the adventures—and dangers—that lay ahead.
His mission to rescue his bushwhacked cousin would bring him to the Kettle of Tears, one of most awe-inspiring and forbidding landscapes he’d ever seen. Respected and revered by the Nez Perce, it was also home to a citadel-like outpost that commanded the region from its high perch—the Crow’s Nest, home to a motley crew of mostly friendly characters making their way best they could in a hard environment. Here, with the help of his Indian friends, Nate would have to use all the skills he possessed to survive gunplay, wild animals, and even all-out war with villains more evil than any he could have imagined. It would also lead him to find a woman he could spend the rest of his life with back on that spread up in the Yellowstone.”
Published by Fulton Books, Robert Boyce’s book is an immensely entertaining printed work for those who are into historical and adventure genres. The story also offers a beautiful love between Nate and the woman who will change his life forever.
Readers who wish to experience this remarkably powerful work can purchase “Kettle Of Tears” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books