RISE Commercial District Houses Its 1,000th Business

Despite the recent pandemic, RISE Commercial District continues to achieve unprecedented success, which means success for local businessmen and businesswomen.
The RISE Commercial District concept was born in 2010 when founders Jim and Theresa Sapp started leasing a portion of the property that housed their garage door business to friends that needed business space, and it only grew from there. After four rounds of expansion at the original Castleton location, all the while remaining at 100% occupancy, the Sapps knew there was a huge need in the market.
In 2017, the Sapps opened two additional locations, and their success mirrored the original Castleton location, at which time targeted expansion efforts began. Since then, the company has opened four other locations with 3-5 more sites in 2022. Each site serves between 100-125 businesses.
RISE Commercial District offers office space, warehouse space, and business storage space, but the company doesn’t just provide these business spaces and leave their tenants to grow on their own. Instead, RISE takes pride in being a turn-key facility for businesses, whatever their needs may be.
For Brandon Powell, an Indianapolis-based business owner, the peace of mind that RISE Commercial District offered was what made the space such a game-changer. “The place was a blessing. I worry enough during the day about what our vehicles might hit. I couldn’t keep worrying about the security of our vehicles and equipment all night too. RISE Commercial District is clean, accessible, and gave me the peace of mind I needed to sleep at night.”
Each RISE Commercial District facility offers free Wi-Fi, free conference rooms, public restrooms, and gross leases (all inclusive of utilities, dumpster, and management fees) with flexible terms. Also provided are forklifts and delivery receiving services at each fully fenced, video-monitored facility – everything a business needs to run a professional company.
Tenant Rashad Brown told the company, “I’m a numbers guy. The numbers have to make sense. So when I realized I was losing business because I was running things from a residential address, I knew I had to find a commercial space so others would take my business seriously. After discovering that RISE Commercial District facilities offered everything I needed and the lease was all-inclusive, I knew this was the place for my business. I know exactly how much my overhead will be each month, and that is important to me as a growing business.”
The company has housed more than 1,000 different businesses, and they’re not slowing down. The company is looking to continue aggressive expansion efforts over the coming years targeting 25 locations by 2025.

Allison Barber
RISE Commercial District
Source: RISE Commercial District