RingStone Inc. Opens New Headquarters Office in Tallinn, Estonia

RingStone today announced the opening of a new European headquarters office in Estonia. This milestone is an important strategic move for RingStone helping its mission to deliver the best data-driven, most comprehensive, and highest quality technology advisory service for technical due diligence to Private Equity partners.
“Estonia is the most connected and digitally advanced country in the world and has the highest number of unicorn companies per capita than any other country in the world. Our office in Estonia is our gateway to European partners and helps us and strategically expand our services in Europe,” says Hazem Abolrous, Managing Partner at RingStone.
“Our mission is to deliver the best technology advisory to both investors and companies globally. Our team is united by a common vision to use our experience, the power of technology, and data to solve challenges for investors and companies providing a distinctive approach in technology diligence and value creation,” added Agu Aarna, co-founding Partner at RingStone.
“Our unique software solution for investors helps them manage their portfolio from a technology perspective to realize value faster. We are passionate about quality, consistency, and superior customer experiences – our software vision helps us deliver exactly that,” commented Mart Lumeste, RingStone co-founder.
This news comes in the wake of other recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:
“This is a super exciting time for us at RingStone. Estonia is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe and is a well-regarded high-tech hub making it a strategic location for us for both locating senior executives for our consulting as well as our talented development team for the RingStone software product,” added Hazem Abolrous.
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About RingStone
RingStone partners with private equity investors, software firms, tech-enabled companies to add value to their businesses and investments. RingStone provides company benchmarks, technology due diligence, and a host of other services including software architecture and organizational diagnostics.
RingStone employees are senior software professionals leaders with a strong business acumen focused on company transformations. With years in the software industry and private equity, our experience helped us understand the key challenges facing investors and portfolio companies and delivering value from the deal onset throughout the exit.
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Source: RingStone