Ringler Announces New Leadership Team Members

Ringler, the nation’s largest settlement planning company, is pleased to announce the 2021 Leadership Team and Ringler Chairman Brian Farrell’s appointment of Julie Robinson, serving as new head of the Leadership Team.  
Ringler’s Leadership Team is a select group of consultants chosen to represent their peers from around the country. Especially busy these past few years, the Leadership Team has been a valuable partner to Ringler’s Management Team in editing documents, in streamlining processes, and in providing clarity to business matters. Outgoing chairperson Lynn Clark said, “It has been an absolute privilege to work with some of the respected thought leaders at Ringler. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get a behind-the-curtains look at where the company is heading and being able to assist with moving Ringler closer to its goals.”
The 2021 Leadership Team roster includes Julie Robinson, Nicole Swift, Nicol Vargas, Keith Christie, Brook Chase, Jim Ebel, Derek Perkins, Megan Trapletti, and Dennis Alonzo.
Julie Robinson, the new chairperson noted, “As we emerge from the challenges of Covid-19, the Leadership Team will strive to be the voice of the field and an incubator of ideas generated by and shared with our peers.” She continued, “Being in this together will help all of us succeed.”
About Ringler
Ringler is the largest settlement planning company in the United States with over 150 Consultants in more than 70 offices nationwide since it was established in 1975. Ringler’s team of expert and objective advisors has earned the trust of all parties involved in the settlement process, providing winning solutions. Every Ringler Consultant takes an individualized, customer-focused approach to each case, backed by the strength and resources of a national brand to collaborate with injured people, attorneys and insurance professionals, providing the most effective and fair settlement solutions for claimants and their families. Ringler is dedicated to continue to be the most innovative and acknowledged leader in the profession.    
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