Rick Durkee, LUTCF® authors a new book – Modern Retirement Strategies: The Definitive Guide to Retiring Well

Local investment advisor, Rick Durkee is pleased to announce his new book, Modern Retirement Strategies: A Definitive Guide for Retiring Well. The book provides strategic advice from Rick discussing ways to enhance retirement, get the most out of investments, and more. With the American retirement system becoming overly complicated with loopholes now more than ever before, books such as this give readers firsthand access to the most diverse knowledge and advice, all in one place.

With over 30 years of investment experience, Rick has been able to help hundreds of families find innovative ways to retire, while maintaining sustainable income during retirement and avoiding any major financial risks. Rick teaches readers about the importance of having a “defined outcome” income plan. By providing crucial insights on 401(K) and other pre-tax savings accounts, he stresses the importance of defensively managed investments before retirement in order to provide steady income streams during retirement.

This book reads as a highly comprehensive step-by-step guide to retirement. Following Rick’s retirement advice, the entire book can assist readers in creating a retirement plan that can identify key solutions to unlock retirement security, potential longevity issues, and also help retirees leave behind their legacy desires. With each chapter, readers are given the tools and techniques to overcome many limiting factors that may occur in planning their retirement.

Rick Durkee is the President, Founder, and Chief Investment Advisor of Coastal Financial Planning Group (CFPG), a financial advisory firm located in Charleston, SC. With more than 30 years of investment experience, Rick has earned his reputation as a strategist in retirement planning and asset management by adopting an approach called income allocation, a financial planning concept that focuses on capturing market gain, while avoiding market losses in a retirement asset portfolio to make certain that investment markets, during volatile market periods, do not affect the amount of time money lasts.

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