Revolution in the Spiritual World – Zorjas Launches the Smart Oracle Deck

Zorjas, a spiritual brand and media outlet founded by Magdalena Ling, has announced the release of a first-of-its-kind Smart Oracle Deck. Each hand-drawn card portrays a mythological creature that delivers a message to the reader. The Oracle of the Holy Revolution presents its users with a new, never-before-seen solution to access the interpretation video of the cards instead of reading them from a booklet. This is made possible through a QR code located on the back of each card.
This process will forever change the way modern spiritual practitioners will receive their messages during a reading. Readers will not have to continuously scroll through a tiny booklet just to learn the meaning of their card; instead, readers can fully immerse themselves in the experience that mimics a personal psychic reading in the comfort of their own home at any given time. Pandemic friendly, pocket-sized spiritual advice within a deck that actually talks back to the reader.
After perfecting the bare-bones version of the deck on paper for months, Ling decided it was time to add the digital aspects for use on smartphones. Just like that, it was ready to bring magic into digital devices everywhere.
“Accessing the interpretation videos through the QR codes presents the user with a choice they never had before,” said Ling.  “You can use our deck in the traditional way, or scan the code and immerse yourself in the experience of receiving the guidance in the video format. There is also a bonus message from me after each interpretation video.”
The Smart Oracle Deck is similar to a Tarot deck but without the strict 78-card structure. 
“Starting your adventure with the Tarot and Oracles is very intimidating, so I always wanted to create something simple and straightforward that everyone could use without any prior knowledge of what an oracle deck is,” said Ling. “A spiritual tool that would feel like an actual conversation with a psychic. Still stuck in the reality of the pandemic, we crave human interaction, and our experience gives you the feel of being taken care of and listened to, like a dear friend helping you out.” 
The Oracle of The Holy Revolution is available on Zorjas’ website and on all of its social media platforms. For more information, please visit, (646) 846-1454.
About Zorjas
Zorjas is a spiritual brand and media outlet founded by Magdalena Ling. With the passion to improve the modern spiritual experience and expose a wider audience to the magic behind holistic self-care and wellness, Zorjas is focused on digitally enhancing and modernizing the spiritual world for a better, easier experience for all.
Source: Zorjas