Reveille Announces Support for Hyland OnBase® With ECM Monitoring and Performance Optimization

Reveille Software Inc. today announced software support for Hyland OnBase®. Many leading Fortune 1000 companies use Reveille for monitoring, intelligent insight and comprehensive performance management and optimization of their ECM platform. Reveille supports ECM applications from Microsoft, OpenText, IBM, Box, Kofax, and now Hyland. Reveille’s support for Hyland OnBase provides agentless, out-of-the-box capabilities to ensure the continued health and productivity of any Hyland OnBase platform and related ECM solutions.
With Reveille, Hyland OnBase customers can be assured of the highest performance levels and observability, utilizing over 60 out-of-the-box tests, consoles, dashboards, reports, and integrations. The comprehensive visibility allows Hyland OnBase customers to accelerate problem identification and resolution across mission-critical applications that automate processes, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, harness unstructured content and connect it to the core enterprise applications used every day.
“The digitization of business processes is accelerating and that includes both data and content (ECM). In an environment of rapid digitalization, companies need assurance that their business-critical, tier 1 ECM applications are operating at the highest performance and service levels. We are proud to expand our core offerings with our new OnBase-focused monitoring and optimization support for Hyland OnBase customers,” said Bob Estes, President and CEO of Reveille Software Inc.
For over 18 years, Reveille has been an industry leader in ECM Performance Optimization and more than 400 global organizations rely on Reveille to monitor and optimize their ECM systems. Learn more about Reveille and its latest support for Hyland OnBase®.
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