Returning Youth Initiative Partners With Reentry Curriculum Company for Holistic Impact

 Young adult success and equity advocate Dr. Surajit Khanna has announced his national initiative’s collaboration with Nashville based reentry curriculum and program development company The DREAM Initiative, Inc., and its related non-profit organization The DREAM Foundation, Inc. Dr. Surajit Khanna’s Returning Youth Initiative works to positively impact young adults recently released from correctional facilities and jails around the nation through restoration, education, stability, and counseling.  The DREAM Initiative and its founders, Robert Sherrill and Dr. Contrecia Tharpe, provide education, programming, resources, and guidance to returning citizens in an effort to increase desistance instead of reincarceration.
Robert Sherrill is a returned citizen and the first US citizen to receive a state and federal pardon for his past record. Having gone through every avenue and aspect of reentry, Sherrill focused on creating curricula and programs that addressed the hardships, pitfalls, and rarely discussed difficulties of returning to society. Playing a piikeart in the curriculum development and creation of The DREAM Initiative’s primary offering – Transition Pathways- Robert Sherrill and his team have created the first full curriculum for returning citizens crafted by a returned citizen. 
On the collaboration, Dr. Khanna says “This is an amazing opportunity for us to broaden our reach, increase our impact, and really make a difference in the lives of those returning to society with no stability. Our purpose and mission are to restore the lives of those in our program and reestablish dreams.” Robert Sherrill, speaking for The DREAM Initiative, says “It is through partnerships and opportunities like these that we are able to develop programs and opportunities that create a trust with returning citizens, allow for community engagement, and positively impact the lives of those that we are working with.”
Both parties are working together to create a program presence in all fifty states and thousands of individual counties.
About The DREAM Initiative:  The DREAM Initiative (DREAMi) is an education development and transition support company focused on increasing the likelihood of success of returning citizens. DREAMi is geared towards the development of programmatic curricula, supportive services, professional development and licensing, and transitional housing in an effort to combat recidivism. The company’s mission is rooted in desistance, advocacy for equity, and allyship for returning citizens.
About Dr. Khanna’s Returning Youth Initiative: Dr. Surajit Khanna, a youth advocate, launched “Returning Youth” to provide post-incarceration juveniles a pathway to ensure that when they are released from prison they have the ability to create a self-sustaining productive life for themselves.
Contact Name: Dr. Contrecia T. Tharpe    
Agency: neuIMC
Phone Number: (615)953-6361
Source: The DREAM Initiative & Dr. Khanna's Returning Youth Initiative