Retreat Behavioral Health’s Healing Our Heroes Program: Providing Comprehensive Mental Health Care and Substance Use Care to Veterans & First Responders

Retreat Behavioral Health (Retreat) is proud to announce a new program, Healing Our Heroes, which will provide veterans and first responders with comprehensive mental health care unique to their needs.
The Healing Our Heroes program is part of Retreat’s larger mission, which is to provide compassion, respect, and acceptance to individuals, families, and communities in need. As one of many specialized programs offered by Retreat, including PTSD treatment programs for veterans and outpatient substance use counseling, Healing Our Heroes will seek to treat veterans and first responders through attentive and specific recovery tracks. According to Retreat’s team of counselors, this includes comprehensive therapeutic programs for PTSD, trauma, and feelings of grief and loss.
Helping facilitate the Healing Our Heroes program is a clinical staff made up of qualified veterans, nurses, and physicians. Therapeutic specialties will include substance use treatment, mental health treatment, and co-occurring treatment services and counseling. 
Veterans, First Responders, and Mental Health
Veterans and first responders now have access to quality treatment for their mental health. Retreat is hoping to help address the struggles these groups are currently facing. The pandemic has caused many first responders to experience record amounts of burnout and anxiety, while members of the armed services continue to deal with ongoing issues of substance use and PTSD. Other common conditions among these groups include depression and suicidal ideation.
Need for Comprehensive Substance Use Treatment
More than 20% of veterans suffer from substance use disorder, and 1/3 of those who seek treatment are dealing with co-occurring PTSD. Inpatient and outpatient care through programs like Healing Our Heroes can help make a difference, providing individuals with supportive care in a non-judgmental environment.
Retreat is committed to providing the best possible care for veterans and first responders in need. Healing Our Heroes furthers this commitment with treatment services centered around co-occurring disorders as well as therapeutic techniques ranging from counseling and holistic therapy to pharmacological solutions. The treatment center’s executive mental health retreat locations can be found in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida.
Source: Retreat Behavioral Health