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There are many different places you can visit if you are looking to go shopping in Bristol, including large malls and smaller market places. One of the newest shopping developments in Bristol is Cabot Circus, which is home to around 120 shops and a wide variety of restaurants and small cafes. It also has a Showcase cinema, which holds 13 screens and shows the up and coming 3D films. It has a large car park so there won’t be any trouble finding a parking space and is easy to get to as it’s situated near the M32.

Just around the corner from Cabot Circus you will find Bristol’s busiest and most popular shopping area which is Broad Mead. At Broad Mead you will be able to find quite possibly everything you may need as there are over 200 shops to choose from, including the popular Marks & Spencer’s, Primark and Tesco. Not only is Broad Mead teaming with many shops it also has convenient services such as banks and building societies, with plenty of choice in the dining places from fast-food to lavish restaurants.

Cribbs Causeway is a shopping centre that provides the unique facilities that aid your shopping including a crèche and excellent disabled access. Cribbs Causeway holds many events throughout the year including the Bristol fashion week, and is a very popular Christmas shopping destination. During December there is a magical Santa’s grotto for the children and adults! As well as an outdoor Christmas market, and an enormous ice rink.

Along with these huge shopping areas, if you are looking for a more traditional shopping experience, then there are a few market places that would fit your needs such as St. Nicholas market which is great for fresh produce, books and plenty more interesting stalls for your needs.

If you are looking for a job in the Bristol area of England, United Kingdom there are many ways of going about it. Due to the enormous amount of shops in Bristol one of your options is to hand in CV’s to shops in the area you would like to work (online help to write a CV available). Also there are many different recruitment websites that can offer you advise about many different vacancies for all sorts of job areas that you are interested in. A very good site for this is the ‘’. You can upload your CV and write all your personal details then choose which jobs your interested in and the website will send everything off for you, too save yourself the trouble. Jobs range from accounts to animal care and everything in between! You could also visit your local careers office that will give you plenty of information on different courses that may interest you, such as on the job training or apprenticeships for those looking to go into a trade business including mechanics and plumbing. If you are looking to work in a hospital, it is worth logging on to your nearest healthcare website as many jobs provide training and will leave you with a bulging wallet or purse!

The best times businesses will be recruiting will be the start of summer and the Christmas period because that’s when it will be most busy. It is worth checking on shop websites that you are interested in as they will post information when they are looking to take on a new member of staff. If you don’t have access to the internet at home, it is cheap and easy to pop into your nearest internet café and spend an hour on some good Bristol recruitment websites.

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