Restoring Calm to a Turbulent World With The Way to Happiness

The Way to Happiness Foundation International celebrated the International Day of Happiness with a webinar to help communities affected by an increasingly turbulent world.
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) released its 2021 Emergency Watchlist: the triple threat of COVID, climate change, and conflict. IRC President and CEO David Miliband noted that “2020 will go down as one of the most turbulent years in history, but the next year will be remembered for how we either helped or turned away from those suffering the most.”
The webinar “Bringing Calm to our Communities,” in keeping with the theme of “Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind.,” laid out the use of the book The Way to Happiness to give a helping hand to communities in need.
The Way to Happiness, a common sense guide to better living, written by L. Ron Hubbard, is translated into 117 languages with a comprehensive website,
The webinar drew an audience from 37 countries and was hosted by author Kelley Pomerantz. The first speaker, Dr. Sheridan Cyrus, from Grenada, discussed his work with the criminal justice system where he has delivered Way to Happiness training within the prison and with security officials.
Attending the webinar livestream was John Mitchell, Grenada Police Commissioner who shared the following message addressed to Dr. Cyrus:
“The Commissioner of Prisons and people of Grenada express our gratitude for your selfless services to us. You have made a tremendous and life-changing impression on us. God’s richest blessings on you and your loved ones.”
Other speakers included Rosalba Cordero of Mexico, President of Desarrollo Social y Recuperación de Valores, an organization dedicated to social development. She has used The Way to Happiness throughout the nation with local and federal officials. Currently, her organization actively collaborates with the National Commission of Human Rights and the Ministry of Health.
Italian ultramarathoner Simone Leo, the only athlete to have finished the “Seven Sisters,” the seven hardest ultramarathons in the world, spoke of how he uses sports and health awareness to spread the message of common-sense values.
The event closed with Dr. Samantha Kumara, the former Director General for the Sri Lanka Presidential Task Force for drug prevention and the Presidential Coordinator for National Council for Disaster Management. Dr. Kumara spoke of his experience of bringing The Way to Happiness to groups ranging from rural tea plantation workers to urban schools and police and military staff in Sri Lanka.
The Way to Happiness Foundation volunteers from five continents participated by sending in their video messages sharing the 21 principles from the book.
To quote The Way to Happiness, “Happiness lies in engaging in worthwhile activities. But there is only one person who for certain can tell what will make one happy — oneself.”
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