Restaurant Jobs

Below you will find a list of restaurant jobs and their descriptions.  There are many positions available in restaurants that require different experience levels and knowledge.  Restaurateurs are always on the look out for experienced chefs who can make delicious meals and manage a staff to the high school student looking for their first job to bus tables and wash dishes.  Working in a restaurant is a great way to make a living or to get extra income working part-time.  The hours fluctuate depending on the time of year and days of the week so it is a great opportunity for students to make spending money.  Winter months might be slower than the summer months and the weekends are always busier than weekdays.  If you are looking for work in the restaurant business you should visit to find a restaurant near you.

Manager – Most restaurants employ more than one manager as they are responsible for opening and closing each day.  They are to help in the ordering of stock, taking inventory, training and over-seeing staff, paying employees and working with sales people and advertisers.
Bartenders – A bartender needs to be knowledgeable in their field.  They need to know how to mix drinks, which fruits top drinks and which style of glass needs to be used when making a drink.  They take customer orders of food and beverages and also fill beverage orders for the servers.  They are responsible for checking ID’s, serving patrons at the bar, cleaning the bar and for ordering and keeping the bar stocked at all times.
Hostess, Host and Maitre d –  These workers are also called greeters.  They need to be very friendly and personable at all times because they are the first person to greet and seat patrons as they come into the restaurant.  Greeters also are in charge of keeping track of customers and when their tables will become available when the restaurant is busy.  They might take reservations and seat customers as well as giving them the menus.
Wait Staff – These are waiters, waitresses and servers.  They need to be friendly and knowledgeable about the food, beverages and specials that are served in the restaurant.  They will sometimes seat customers and give them their menus.  They take meal orders from patrons and serve them throughout their meal.  They prepare checks, accept payments and possibly set up and clear the tables.
Cashier – A cashier will take money from customers, answer the phone and is in charge of making reservations.
Chef and head cook – The head cook or head chef needs to be able to make delicious meals.  They have a lot of responsibility in making sure that the kitchen runs smoothly. They are responsible for what will be on the menu, hiring and training other cooks, prep persons and dishwashers.  They order and stock the kitchen with supplies and equipment.
Kitchen staff – Chefs, cooks and bakers that help the Head Chef prepare meals.
kitchen workers – They are responsible for helping the cooks.  They get the equipment and food for the cooks so that they need to prepare meals, help with food prep and measure and weigh ingredients.
Busboy or busser – This is a good job for a student who is looking for extra cash.  They clear and set tables and might help servers bring food from the kitchen to the table when serving customers.
Dishwasher – This is the first step when a person wants to start working in a restaurant and they don’t have the knowledge yet.  They are in charge of washing dishes and keeping kitchen clean.  Often times the dishwasher will move to bussing tables then later working as kitchen staff or serving.

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