Resilience and Reinvention After Corona: the Keys to Build a New Club GLOBALS

Resilience and reinvention. These were key to facing the atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty created by the Coronavirus. 

That’s why together with the Club GLOBALS team, we decided to transform ourselves with a focus on the new consumer, thinking about our value proposition and the experience of our customer who is a member or partner of our community.

Taking into consideration what we could offer to make your life easier abroad, we launched two new ventures: GLOBALS Jobs and GLOBALS Homes.

These were the dots we needed to connect in order to fulfill our mission: to make international life easier by connecting professional #expats and global #entrepreneurs with recommended #jobs, #homes, and service providers online and at exclusive #events.

GLOBALS Homes. Do you need to rent an apartment? Or do you want to sell your house? We offer our very own real estate marketplace to find your home or list one. Here, you can browse from a wide variety of available properties and request or list a property of your own.

GLOBALS Jobs. Whether you’re looking to develop your professional career internationally or whether you want to post a job, GLOBALS Jobs is the place for you. The platform enables you to find your job or list one. If you want to promote an opportunity, drop us a line on our Jobs page!

IMPORTANT: So much for GLOBALS Homes or Jobs, referrals are welcomed and compensated. Contact us now!

ur challenge did not end there. Club GLOBALS is recognized for holding large networking events and for being the matchmaker between companies, startups, entrepreneurs and highly trained expats who want to relocate to Berlin or Barcelona.

How could we continue with this part of the business and not die trying? We always knew that betting on digitization, hiring talents from all over the world, and building a workplace that motivates us was important.

This is why we launched the first event of 2020: The Future of Housing and Living – Fourth Edition. Yes, the year has really only just begun in a way. To meet the requirements of this new normality, we will have the panel of experts on site and a large audience online (hybrid event).

What is it going to be about? When? Where? If you’re interested in learning more about selling, buying or financing a home in Germany, we hope to see you online on 20 August at 7 pm CEST. 

Network with real estate and tech enthusiasts, innovators, startups, investors, people from corporate backgrounds and multiplicators. Get your tickets today! Free for Premium Members and Partners. Don’t miss out on the Special Early Birds deal! Or get 30% off with discount code: Mario30.
See Event: The Future of Housing and Living – Fourth Edition (

To best present these new ventures, we have also transformed our identity with a fresh look that reflects our values and personality: #Community #Action #Diversity #Networks #Vitality, ​​and a newly-redesigned website.

The new website is easy to use and easy to navigate through; characterized by its clear structure and concise overview of our services, the new site is catered towards your accessibility!  Visit now!

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