Research Says Regular Trampoline Use Could Be Life-Changing

We all know that kids love jumping on a trampoline, but is there more to this wholesome activity than simple fun? Australian e-retailer Klika says research from leading health organisations indicates that regular trampoline exercise could be life-changing for Australian families.
A study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that a 20-minute trampoline workout had the potential to burn the same amount of calories as a 20-minute run at a speed of 10 km/h. This is because the g-force that bouncing produces helps to build muscle and burn fat quickly. The movement firms up every part of the body, making it a great way to become healthier and potentially an efficient means of increasing fitness.
The most important study into bouncing (more technically known as ‘rebounding’) was conducted through the NASA Journal of Applied Psychology. It found that rebound exercise was better and more efficient than running in many ways.
When bouncing on a trampoline, kids have to control different limbs and muscle groups simultaneously, which can help improve coordination. Regular rebounding can strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding the joints. And because bouncing on a trampoline is a low impact form of exercise, the developing bones and joints of kids are being cushioned while they’re being strengthened.
The proven health benefits of regular trampoline use are all good reasons to buy a kids trampoline for exercise, especially if children aren’t old enough to ride a bike. Plus, children already know how much fun a trampoline is, so they don’t see it as a piece of exercise equipment.
When children are stuck indoors, keep them from bouncing off the walls by providing them with a kids trampoline to safely bounce on instead. Check out Klika to see just what incredible kids trampoline you can get for your money.
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Source: Klika Australia