Research Offers an Insight on Covid-19’s Impact on Online Food Delivery Services

Leading online food ordering software services provider Upmenu has published a new report indicating the impact of Covid-19 on the online food delivery services. The research that is based on the Google trends and their client database illustrates the change in trends across the type of Food Company, the type of food and the location. 
Under this type of company, Chick-fil-A which is one of the largest American fast food restaurant chains specializing in chicken sandwiches experienced an increase in the number of online ordering for up to 590%. It is closely followed by Burger King and Little Caesars Pizza with a percentage of 407% and 279% respectively. Other companies such as Pizza Hut and Panera Bread also had a decrease in the number of online orders of up to 5%. 
The categories of foods ordered by Americans during the pandemic period also increased with American food having an increase of up to 644%. Cat food and home food followed closely with 238% and 198% respectively. Ethnic foods such as Italian, Mexican and Japanese foods had an average increase of 172%, 154% and 143% respectively. 
With the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19, online food ordering popularity has increased across different cities. New York City is the leading city in terms of online food ordering popularity with an increase of 228% while Cincinnati had an increase of 216%. Other cities such as Orlando and Houston had a decrease of 56% and 25% respectively. 
The increase in popularity of online food ordering can be attributed to the need to minimize human contact to curb the spread of the virus. It is also a seamless process with an increase in the number of online tools and software that create the convenience that a customer needs. The customer can also have access to limitless dining options that they may not be familiar with initially.
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Founded in 2012, is a company that offers revenue generating and marketing solutions to different restaurant chains and hundreds of independent restaurants. The tool allows restaurant owners to sell food online directly through their website thus gaining control over the orders made by their customers. The restaurant owner can provide branded mobile applications to the customers to help them make orders in a faster and convenient way. For restaurants with take-away and eat-in options only, Upmenu software accepts bookings and take-away online orders. 
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