Rerouted Announces Rerouted Ultra: A Year of Gear and Perks

Rerouted Co. is rolling out Rerouted Ultra. Rerouted Ultra is the newest way to support the circular economy. Ultra is the easiest and cheapest way to buy and sell second-hand outdoor gear. No shipping costs, no commission fees and unlimited support when people want to buy and sell gear for the entirety of 2023. This program launched with 500 seats on Monday, Dec. 5 and will be available through Dec. 31 12:00 a.m. PST.  
Ultra is the newest evolution of Rerouted. Rerouted is a second-hand gear platform that is leveraging contemporary technology to make second-hand painless and crazy easy for buyers and sellers. This is a year-long program designed to reduce every pain point people face using existing marketplaces. 
Rerouted is excited to highlight six key features of their Ultra program:
Chap Grubb, Rerouted’s CEO and Founder, said this about the mission behind Ultra:
“Recycling, upcycling and reselling are key to a sustainable future. Our team believes deeply that the reason gear collects dust in people’s garages is because it is too difficult to buy & sell online. Choosing second-hand first should be an easy choice for people that care about the environment. We are psyched to make it easier than ever to save gear from the landfill and help people create their own wilderness adventures. Plus, free shipping and zero commissions are unheard of in online second hand shopping. We love being the first to offer this.”
To join Rerouted in their mission is to embrace the Circular Economy. Ultra is the newest and best community to buy and sell outdoor gear online. All Rerouted Ultra perks will start immediately upon purchase and run through 2023. Check it out today.
Rerouted is an online platform that is developing tools & software that will empower people, local gear stores and marketplaces to get gear back out to the next generation of wilderness advocates.
Source: Rerouted Co