Reolink’s New Argus 3 Pro is a Smarter Take on Home Security With Person/Vehicle Detection & 2K Images

After releasing smart IP cameras in recent months, Reolink, a global innovator in smart home security solutions, doesn’t slow down the pace of launching more AI-enabled cameras. This time, it is Argus 3 Pro, a wire-free smart spotlight camera with 2K image quality.
Compared to other cameras in Reolink’s star lineup Argus series, Argus 3 Pro is a complete upgrade with a 2K(4MP) high-performance lens. This camera can capture every detail vividly and deliver 2x clearer images than 1080p ones. Even better, with a built-in motion spotlight, this camera allows users to see in color in pitch-black places.
In addition to the excellent image quality, standout features also include the onboard AI person/vehicle detection, which makes it possible for the Argus 3 Pro camera to know the differences among people, cars, and other movements and thus, deliver more accurate alerts.
“We are devoted to more reliable smart detection service to our users. By leveraging local AI processing of the Argus 3 Pro camera, we eliminate the possibility of delayed alerts and personal information leakage,” said Sharon Guo, Reolink’s product manager, “So, our users can enjoy elevated peace of mind without worries or subscriptions.”
Among the nice-to-have features is dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, and the camera can deliver more stable performance as it will connect to 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi. Offered, too, is two-way audio. Users can warn off unwelcome guests from their porch via the phone app.
Features of Reolink Argus 3 Pro smart spotlight security camera include:
2K image quality: Capturing crystal-clear images day and night
Integrated spotlight: Illuminating dark corners & allowing users to see in color
Person/vehicle detection: Delivering more accurate alerts
Customized alerts: siren, spotlight & recorded voice alarms
Dual-band WiFi: More stable performance with 2.4/5 GHz WiFi connection
Two-way audio: Listen in & talk back at the same time
Flexible power options: Rechargeable battery; solar-powered
Indoor & outdoor use: IP65 certified weatherproof
Smart home integration: Working with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
Wide field of view: Enjoying an expansive view of 122°
Time-lapse creation: Recording hour or day-long events to minutes-long videos
Reolink Argus 3 Pro is now available for pre-order. Click here to learn more about this wire-free smart spotlight camera or pre-order now,
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