Reklist Launches With Mission To Save You Time Deciding What to Watch

Startup Reklist announces the launch of its social network,, aiming to re-imagine the way people make decisions about what to watch.

Reklist provides a centralized place for users to send, receive, and store personalized recommendations from friends and family to reference when they’re ready to watch a show or movie. Although there are algorithm-based movie and show recommendations available, Reklist differentiates itself from other technologies by being completely focused on recommendations from friends and family, making the experience of searching for a show or movie to watch more personal and efficient. The social networking site is designed to eliminate the hassle of scrolling through the many suggested shows on streaming sites that are often relatively unrelated to the user’s most-watched favorites.

“We created Reklist because we kept forgetting about shows and movies our friends recommended to us, and we knew this wasn’t a problem only we were having” says Co-Founder and Frederick resident Dan Levy. “If you’re an avid streamer, you know the feeling of sitting down to watch something, only to end up scrolling through way too many options — none of which you actually want to watch. We created Reklist to ditch the endless scrolling and to provide a centralized place to send and store personalized recommendations you actually care about.”

Reklist is designed to allow users to quickly and easily recommend movies and shows to friends and store the recommendations they receive. Users can also store their personal watchlist and mark & rate movies and shows they’ve watched. Additionally, users can Like, comment, or add titles to their Reklist from the Newsfeed and see what’s currently trending on the Explore page.

With a growing amount of content available on a multitude of platforms, keeping track of what to watch, and where to watch it, is increasingly difficult. Many are often paralyzed by the massive amounts of entertainment options and end up watching reruns.

Explains Co-Founder Lindsay Borgen, “There are other sites that claim to enhance the decision making process when deciding what to watch, but none focus on the most trustworthy source — recommendations from those who know you best. Reklist offers a simple solution to a problem we all encounter far too often by providing a personalized list of shows and movies curated by you.

Reklist was created by college friends Dan Levy, Lindsay Borgen, and Chris Daly (all graduated from Penn State between 2011-2013), teaming up with Nick Caruso, also a Frederick resident. Levy runs a college marketing company called Atlas College Marketing, Borgen works in digital marketing in Boston, Daly works on fuel cells in Philadelphia, and Caruso run a software development company called Visiyo.

Reklist is a movie and TV show recommendation website focused on person-to-person recommendations so you can save time deciding what to watch. You can use Reklist to send and receive movie and show recommendations from friends, store your personal watchlist, and mark & rate movies and shows you’ve watched. Ditch the endless scrolling when deciding what to watch and join Reklist at