RegHunter, PC Optimizer App, Passes AppEsteem’s App Certification Requirements (ACRs) Including ACR-004

Clearwater, FL − Enigma Software Group (“ESG”) had announced previously ( that its PC optimization app RegHunter was certified by AppEsteem. Just recently, RegHunter has now also satisfied the new ACR-004 requirement in addition to the other 100+ App Certification Requirements (ACRs) required by AppEsteem for its demanding software Certification requirements. ACR-004 was newly implemented by AppEsteem to require that certain types of apps meet a list of criteria where they offer pre-purchase scan results. Meeting the overall rigorous consumer protection AppEsteeem guidelines aligns RegHunter with the clean software principles of compliance partners, such as and Microsoft. The app certification report is available at

Ryan Gerding, the spokesman for ESG, said of the compliance with AppEsteem’s requirements, including ACR-004, “The AppEsteem ACR-004 Compliance for RegHunter combined with the recent AppEsteem Certification demonstrates an unwavering commitment to design apps to serve our customers’ needs and interests. We could not be more delighted to receive the AppEsteem Compliance for RegHunter in pursuing our continuing commitment to consumer-protection criteria that instill and build consumers’ confidence in our PC optimizer application.”

The ACR-004 is an effort by AppEsteem partners, including Microsoft and, to enforce and align app developers with their newly set standards and general principles on software applications. ACR-004 Compliant apps are reviewed by AppEsteem to ensure they provide consumers and users with the technical information and expert reviews on their safety and trustworthiness.

The details of the ACR-004 are: “When showing free scan results with the intent to monetize, results are substantiated and avoid any exaggerated sense of urgency, and the app provides free fixes for all free scan results shown when the fix is not anticipated to be permanent or the fix offered is an ongoing service.”

“We have 125 ACR’s or “Application Certification Requirements” designed with a set of guidelines to help protect consumers and reflect the policies of our software compliance partners,” said Dennis Batchelder, AppEsteem’s President. “We’re pleased to have RegHunter execute the AppEsteem Certification model and ACR-004 Compliance, which we feel will ultimately protect consumer interests and help demonstrate the benefits of clean software distribution.”

RegHunter’s commitment to giving consumers a high level of transparency in its apps is at the core of its business values. AppEsteem’s mission is to review and analyze software programs to ensure that they provide consumers and users with expert reviews on safety and trustworthiness of apps.

About Enigma Software Group USA, LLC
Enigma Software Group USA, LLC is a privately held international systems integrator and developer of PC optimizer and security software, with offices for it and related companies in the United States and the European Union. The companies’ specialties are the development of PC optimization and security software, online security analysis, adaptive threat assessment, detection of PC security threats, registry defragmentation functions, disk cleanup features, unnecessary duplicate content deletion, resolution of detected registry key and data issues, along with malware custom fixes for millions of paid subscribers worldwide. ESG is known for RegHunter (, a program designed for PC optimization. RegHunter has also been certified by OPSWAT and TRUSTe.