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Bristol, like any other city, is being affected by the economic downturn. Applying for a job in this climate is daunting, at best. However, there are a large amount of jobs available, and if you know where to look, finding a job that’s right for you isn’t an impossible task.

Recruitment websites, like Monster, BristolJobs etc, are a good starting point. Most companies advertise on these websites and the search facilities provided make it a lot easier to weed out any jobs unsuitable for you, and instead find something better suited to your time and travel commitments. The benefit of these sorts of websites is that they also contain details from Recruitment Agencies, who are likely to have a variety of different companies on their books. Using these websites greatly increases your likelihood of getting a job because, as we all know, the more jobs you apply for, the higher your chance of getting a job offer.

A basic job search on BristolJobs will give you the chance of at least 100 full time jobs, but don’t discount the part time opportunities. A part time job is useful in many ways. It will show your willingness to work should you apply for a full time job. Keeping your working skills active means that future employers are more likely to employ you, and you will often find that it is ten times easier to find a job when you currently have one. Employers look for dedicated, hard working employees, and who could be a better employee than one who is willing to work, no matter what the hours.

Economic downturn or not, Bristol is a thriving city with a multitude of job opportunities. You just need to know where to look.

If your looking for work then go online and look for a regional online job boards, job boards are quickly becoming the best source of jobs for thousands of people so get online, upload your cv and good luck

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