Recora and Davis Health System Partner to Deliver Virtual Cardiac Recovery Program to Patients

Recora today announced it has been selected by Davis Health System for its Virtual Cardiac Recovery Program. This program will deliver cardiac rehabilitation in a way that has never been available to the region before, creating new opportunities for patients to recover and transform their lives from the comfort of their homes. 
“Our team is dedicated to improving the cardiac rehabilitation process for our patients. We know how valuable this program is to improving their health and extending their life, but the biggest challenge continues to be patients showing up and sticking with the program,” said Kathy Sturm, VP & Chief Nursing Officer, Davis Health System. “With Recora expanding our cardiac rehab program to a virtual environment, we believe this will increase patient participation and eliminate many of the challenges that have prevented patients from engaging, or even being able to participate, especially in the rural community we serve. Given the assistance and coach provided to each patient enrolled in this virtual program, Recora is set up to help patients overcome technical concerns as well.”
Through virtual tools provided to patients and on-demand access to care teams and other resources, the program empowers patients to manage their heart health from home while enabling providers and plans to provide comprehensive cardiac care and strengthen patient relationships. Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program moves beyond 12 weeks of rehabilitation to deliver comprehensive care management that focuses on a patient’s overall health and wellness.
Recora currently serves cardiac patients in the U.S. across health systems, health plans and medical groups in urban, suburban and rural communities. 
“Davis Health System has taken a critical step forward serving their community in cardiac rehab, and we are proud to partner with them in these efforts,” said Recora CEO Abhishek Chandra. “Currently only about 1 in 4 eligible patients ever start a center-based program. The addition of a virtual program with an outreach strategy has been shown to engage more patients overall, including a 15% increase in center-based patients.”
Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program has garnered industry-leading results that include:
Recora’s mission is to redefine the future of heart health. Recora’s Cardiac Recovery Program for health systems, medical groups and health plans makes it easier to recover from a cardiac event through immersive programs delivered online. With Recora, healthcare providers are able to establish a longitudinal relationship with patients and help them live longer, fuller lives. To learn more, visit 
At Davis Health System we have the technology, expertise and services that make us the regional choice for prevention, detection and treatment of disease. As rare as that level of medical advancement is in a rural community, it’s CARE that defines us.
Healthcare is people taking care of people. Here, our employees care for families, loved ones, friends, neighbors, visitors… and every person counts; every person benefits from safe and excellent care.
Davis Medical Center (DMC) has been identified as one of the Top 20 Rural Community Hospitals in the nation. According to NRHA, Davis Medical Center outperformed numerous rural hospitals nationwide in an evaluation done by the Chartis Center for Rural Health using iVantage Health Analytics. Hospitals were analyzed in eight areas: inpatient market share, outpatient market share, quality, outcomes, patient perspective, cost, charge and financial stability. 
Source: Recora