Recon Health Introduces World’s First Health Patch With Core Body Temperature Measurement Powered by greenTEG CALERA® Core Body Temperature Sensor

Recon Health (Vancouver, Canada) today announced its partnership with greenTEG (Zurich, Switzerland) to integrate greenTEG’s proprietary CALERA® core body temperature sensor solution for continuous and non-invasive core body temperature measurement into Recon Health’s Virtual Care Patch™ for remote patient monitoring and diagnostics. Through this partnership, the Virtual Care Patch™ will be the world’s first multi-sensor health patch to measure and assess core body temperature alongside other critical vitals signs from the surface of the arm or chest.
Why Core Body Temperature? 
Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. It fluctuates with physiological processes, such as illness or physical activity, and is a key parameter for determining an individual’s health status. The body often tries to fight off infection by raising its core body temperature and, therefore, can provide insight into health-related problems prior to or alongside the appearance of other symptoms. Accurately monitoring the core body temperature of patients is critical to identify health issues in patients at an early stage, monitor ill patients and inform care planning.
Currently, other wearable devices in the market try to infer core body temperature via skin surface temperature measurements; however, due to the complexity of thermoregulation and environmental conditions, the estimates are inaccurate compared to what can be achieved through the integration of the CALERA® sensors in the Virtual Care Patch™ with its proprietary on-device Health System-on-Chip and Neural Processing Engine for Always-On Machine Learning. 
“This partnership is an important achievement in our mission to deliver breakthroughs in biometric data monitoring and analysis for remote patient monitoring and virtual care,” said Scott McMillan, Recon Health co-founder. “The combination of Recon Health’s novel Health System-on-a-Chip technology and greenTEG’s industry-leading core body temperature solution will allow us to better monitor patients at home and to address more health conditions as compared to products on the market today.”
“We are proud to partner with Recon Health to develop the next generation of multi-sensor health patch for remote and non-invasive patient monitoring and diagnostics. Combining the best of design and technology to support Health and MedTech applications is in greenTEG’s DNA and with Recon Health we found a like-minded partner. We are looking forward to seeing the product launching in the North American market, which results from our Swiss-Canadian collaboration over the last few years,”  concludes Dr. Holger Hendrichs, VP Sales at greenTEG.
This groundbreaking partnership between Recon Health and greenTEG will enable clinicians to gain earlier and deeper insights into conditions such as COVID-19 and sepsis, and will provide clinicians with the accurate and reliable vital signs data they need during telehealth appointments and while providing other digital healthcare services.
About Recon Health:
Recon Health is a Canadian digital health and medical device company focused primarily on remote patient monitoring and diagnostics for respirology, cardiology and neurology. This spring the company will be launching its novel remote patient monitoring device, the Virtual Care Patch™, in North America for investigational use. With its simple design, embedded AI and multi-sensor data fusion, it will enable doctors to monitor, manage and improve patient health from the comfort of home. To learn more about Recon Health and the Virtual Care Patch, visit:
About greenTEG AG / CALERA®:
greenTEG AG was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). The company develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensors for heat flux measurements in various applications and provides consulting on the thermal integration of its products. Today, greenTEG supplies OEMs as well as scientists in corporate and university labs around the world with its unique products. greenTEG has recently been named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for CALERA® – Core Body Temperature Monitoring Technology – in the Health & Wellness category. For more information about greenTEG, please visit:
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Natalie Arseneau
VP Marketing
Source: Recon Health