RealFevr – An Exciting NFT Platform for Football Lovers

Football is one of the biggest and most popular sports in the industry. Millions of people love to play and watch this sport. Fans of football players are very energetic people, as they have a special place in their hearts for their favorite players and football. 
RealFevr – Fantasy Football Game and NFT Collectibles
RealFevr is a brilliant NFT project aiming to provide NFT and football lovers what they want. Every football player has special moments in his career and fans always admire such moments. RealFevr has set up a platform offering historic and popular football moment videos as NFTs for fans to buy and own.
Besides offering a marketplace of football moment collectibles, RealFevr has also a fantasy football game app with more than 2.5M downloads, 1.2M already registered users and 10 national leagues, three international club competitions, and all the major European team competitions, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1.
Football fans will be able to buy and sell some of the most iconic and popular moments in football history and be part of the next digital revolution by owning a personal and unique digital collection. All NFT collectibles of football videos come in the form of packs. NFT Packs are offered by RealFevr, having different amounts and rarity levels of football NFTs. Recently, Bruno Fernandes has become a brand ambassador of RealFevr. Bruno Fernandes is one of the best midfielders in the world, currently playing at the Premier League in Manchester United FC.
Following the success of the RealFevr project, lots of investors and VCs have shown their interest in RealFevr. Recently, IR21 Capital has become a partner and backer of the RealFevr project. IR21 Capital is a professional venture capitalist firm that explores and invests in well-deserving blockchain projects. So, the craze of football and the charm of owning historic football moments is what RealFevr is all about. 
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