Real Florida Adventures Ensures Proper COVID-19 Safety Measures During Tours at Kennedy Space Center

Real Florida Adventures wants to ensure the safety & well-being of their guests visiting the Kennedy Space Center. By sharing a mutual commitment to creating a healthy space for their guests, The Kennedy Space Center and Real Florida Adventures continue to take proper preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19, as the vaccine continues to roll out to the public. The Kennedy Space Center makes it easy to still have fun during the pandemic by implementing all of the preventative protocols recommended by the CDC.
These safety measures include the following: 
To ensure the health of every individual that enters the Kennedy Space Center, a space center team member will conduct the following protocol:
Many of the attractions that visitors know and love are still currently available at this time with limited capacity including Space Shuttle Atlantis®, Heroes & Legends and IMAX theater. 
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We are ready to provide each guest with the ultimate space exploration experience and ensure everyone walks away feeling like they just went to the moon.
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Source: Real Florida Adventures