RB Medical Launches Variety of New, ASTM-Certified Surgical Masks

RB Medical Supply released a new line of surgical masks to aid frontline workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The masks are specifically manufactured to curb the spread of potentially harmful viruses and infectious diseases.
This new product line is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and consists of the following levels of masks: 
As important types of personal protective equipment (PPE), masks and shields help provide necessary protection from infectious diseases like COVID-19. They’re among the many PPE products RB Medical Supply offers to keep individuals safe from airborne particles and bacteria. 
As a division of RB Sigma, LLC, RB Medical Supply is a top-tier medical supplier for COVID-19 PPE and provides wholesale medical supplies for government organizations, medical associations, general industries and private consumers. Headquartered in Mentor, OH, the company serves local Cleveland hospitals, along with facilities, small businesses and communities around the world. 
For media inquiries please contact Nathan Ingrao at 716-367-0958 or nathan.ingrao@rbsigma.com
Source: RB Medical Supply