Ray Flowers’ New Book ‘Mississippi Comforts’ is a Myriad of Adventures That a Single Person Experiences and Learns Throughout Life With Both the Good and the Bad

Fulton Books author, Ray Flowers, a real estate agent, a public speaker, and a chancel chorister, has completed his most recent book “Mississippi Comforts,” a refreshing read of personally looking at a singular life in a wonderful journey of meeting incredible people, hearing their life stories, and discovering many hidden talents and capabilities.
“This unique book is a rare find. The author takes the reader on a myriad of real-life experiences and emotions. It is no wonder that the author has been chosen as the new Mark Twain by many circles.
“Have you ever heard of someone who has listened firsthand to a person who lived through the civil war? The author has. Have you ever had to confront a close family member about a life-threatening habit? The author has. Have you ever dreamed of a storybook childhood riddled with unbridled happiness in one moment, with gut-wrenching emotions the next? The author has and writes it beautifully.
“This is a feel-good story from beginning to end. This is a Kleenex-nearby story.
“Imagine the exhilaration of a seventeen-year-old kid who simply hears and obeys his best friend, a famous physician who happens to be his dad, who’s instructed the author how to deliver a baby. The author has…six times.
“Ride with the author as he takes you along with his trusty rifle and his ever-faithful German shepherd dog named Fella as they frolic through the deep woods of rural Mississippi. This was a tumultuous time for our history. During the 1960s and 1970s, when civil unrest was not the exception, it was the norm.
“Have you ever consoled a friend, whose skin happened to be black, when a field close by his home had just been burned by the KKK? The author has.
“Have you ever been scared for your life in the presence of an operational alcohol-producing still? The author has.
“Have you ever had an ever-faithful companion who happened to have four legs? This dog is nothing short of amazing. He is a trusted friend and ally for an entire decade. He defends and keeping it ever closer to watch her brother. He is a well-trained German shepherd, willing and able to do his master’s bidding.
“Have you ever seen up close and personal racial injustice and inequality? The author has.
“Have you ever stood by a close friend who was a man of color, while he was being spat upon, and scorned simply because of the color of his skin? The author has.
“The author has a knack for getting underneath your fingernails and scratching a chalkboard with them while you are enjoying the pain. He has a rare gift, setting himself apart from most other authors.
“What rare find it is when one can enjoy the variety of stories, experiences, and emotions found in one book. This is truly a gift. Enjoy!”
Published by Fulton Books, Ray Flowers’ book is a gifted and incredible story of a person’s potential in transforming the self and the lives of others in an effort to discover what else the world has to offer, and makes one appreciate it more and more.
This book also dives into personal struggles and poignant thoughts of the author upon learning more about the world. With this, the author is able to find beauty and silver linings from looking at life differently.
Readers who wish to experience this pleasing work can purchase “Mississippi Comforts” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books