Raw After Wrestlemania Roundup: Surprises, Great Moments and NTX Callups

The RAW after WrestleMania on Monday night is the most hottest Non-PPV event. It is always filled with excitement and surprises and some time few of NXT lottery. The show is almost always crowded as it takes place in the same city that of WrestleMania and sometimes even at the same venue.

This year’s RAW was no different, there were 2 NXT Callups and Tag titles which go renounce due to the tight schedule of one of the wrestlers. We give you a quick recap to the grandest moments of the RAW night.

The event started with a match between New Women’s Champion Nia Jax & the Former NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon versus Mickie James and former Champion Alexa Bliss. The match witnessed some of the best moves from Moon making it a night to remember. Moon did a great job at pinning down Bliss.

Braun Strowman along with his 11 years old partner Nicholas gave up on the Tag Team Championship and stated that was due to a conflict in Nicholas schedule as he is still just in 4th grade but said they’ll be back as soon as Nicholas’s schedule is cleared out. On the other hand, Former champion, The Bar was eager to have a rematch. Angle then announced there’ll be a tournament held tonight leading to Championship match on 27th April, The Greatest Royal Rumble Event. Get your WWE Raw Tickets today.

Former NXT start No Way Jose, in his debut match on RAW brought a Conga line like Adam Rose and won his squash match in under a minute. He squashed the jobber quickly and danced on his way out of building.

When Seth Rollins and Finn Balor was talking about how Rollins deserves the title of New Intercontinental champion, the Miz interrupted them and demanded a rematch at the Backlash soon after Jeff Hardy joined them returning to action.

Though it was not announced officially by WWE, but RAW superstar Paige informed that she will be retiring. Back in December, she got injured and snapped her neck during a match, due to which she was not able to part take in WWE anyway.

After a decade The Former United States Champion Bobby Lashley returned to WWE with a huge ovation and crushed Elias who was insulting the crowed in a quick match with a powerful suplex and the match was over within a minute.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came on the RAW asking for a spot on the show From Kurt Angle. Angle told them he had no place for them and that to take a shot at TNA. He then suggested a match for a single spot that ended up being a no contest and both lost the spot.

The NXT’s Former Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain squashed Rhyno and Heath Slater in a quick match. Leaving their Debuted Manager Paul Ellering Behind after his attempt to follow them.

While Roman Reigns was complaining in a segment about his loss in WrestleMania, Samoa Joe returned and said that everything is same whenever Roman Reigns faces Brock Lesnar. He also said that Reigns was not only a loser but a liar too and he will be waiting to beat him up at Backlash. Roman Reigns will be Facing Brock Lesnar again at The Greatest Royal Rumble for the Universal Championship. Get your WWE Tickets Discount Coupon and enjoy it live.