Rare Vintage Advertising Signs and Petroliana Selling at Auction Conducted by SOLDasap Auctioneers

What does 60 years of collecting look like? Well, if you were Larry Taylor, it looks like a lifetime of love and appreciation of history. It’s an appreciation of an era that has passed and sharing the joy of that era and the collecting itself with family and friends. And now, the public will have the opportunity to bid on the collection at online auction on March 8.
Larry Taylor didn’t just collect for 60 years, he spent a lifetime of spreading the joy he found in collecting with anyone around him. He and his wife Clara would travel from auction to auction and flea markets — anywhere that would sell something. If it caught his eye, he would buy it. Selling, on the other hand, was something Larry really didn’t have in mind when he was buying. Truth be told, he always regretted any item he sold.
Larry had a passion for advertising items while collecting and he had some rare pieces. His collection includes a very rarely seen Miller Tire “Geared to the Road” tin flange sign. This item is die-cut and has great graphics. There are also hard-to-find Lions Oil double-sided porcelain signs in great condition. The collection has everything from a peanut cart that Larry would buy peanuts from as a kid to vintage scooters to Coca-Cola items and much more.
There is a silver coin collection, many of which were acquired during Larry and Clara’s time in the 1950-60s living and teaching on a Navajo reservation. There is a firearm collection and many more antiques. Some of these items very few people ever knew he had.
Taylor would say to his daughter Tasabah Malone and her husband John Malone, “Kids, if anything ever happens to me, throw a pig in the ground and have an auction. Have as much fun selling it as we had buying it.” Sadly, Larry passed away in April of 2020 and Clara’s death followed in July.
The Lifetime Larry Taylor collection is now being offered on March 8 at 9 a.m. Central. This auction will be broadcast live online, but will not have in-person bidding. Anyone interested can currently place bids at www.soldasap.com. There will be an additional live auction on Saturday, March 13, at 10 a.m. at 3504 Pleasant Valley Rd., Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.
“The biggest thing he left us was not stuff — it was who he was, how to live, love and how to treat others,” said Tasabah. “That can’t be auctioned, repossessed or taken away.”
John and Tasabah Malone have been the owners of SoldASAP auction company for the past 20 years. SoldASAP is conducting the auction in partnership with MarkNet Alliance and auctioneers Kenny Cotham and Christie Hatman.
Media Contact: John Malone, john@soldasap.com, 870-236-6117
Source: SOLDasap