Rapid.Space Cloud to Launch Swiss Zone Focusing on Privacy and CO2 Efficiency

Rapid.Space is today launching its new “Swiss Zone,” in partnership with IWB, to provide “Fully Open” architecture (open-source software, open hardware, and open process) to one of the most technologically advanced economies in Europe. The goal of the Swiss Zone is to see how next-generation technologies fare in providing privacy and reducing the CO2 impact of the cloud.
Rapid.Space will offer its flagship virtual machines, “VPS” (195€/month for 256 GB RAM and 24 cores), as well as web acceleration via its global CDN (content delivery network) and SDN (software-defined networking). Rapid.Space aims to target European clients with high computational requirements or those looking for a legal environment that strictly protects trade secrets and privacy.
IWB, the partner of Rapid.Space in Switzerland, has installed recertified OCP servers produced by ITRenew, a global vendor of open-source hardware based on the circular economy industrial process. IWB is hosting servers thanks to Submer’s heat dissipation technology which relies on immersion cooling to reduce hosting costs and CO2 footprint. Surplus power is then used to heat the surrounding buildings and supply them with hot water. The unique combination of immersion cooling and heat recycling cuts the waste of heat produced by OCP servers.
“We are very proud to be growing our global infrastructure and adopt immersive cooling with the help of IWB in Switzerland. Switzerland is a country with one of the strictest laws to protect privacy, trade secrets, and the environment,” said Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Rapid.Space. “We will rely on the Swiss Zone to experiment and later generalize technologies that reduce CO2 impact or that reduce the risk of privacy infringement.”
“Submer is committed to leading the rollout of heat-reuse across the industry and immersion is the first data centre cooling technology that enables it at a totally new level. The use-cases and benefits of heat-reuse be it at the Edge or at larger scale are incredibly exciting and it’s an honor to be part of this project where, together, we’re demonstrating that a new model is possible,” said Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer.
With its new Swiss Zone, Rapid.Space continues to extend its global mesh by adding more points of presence and routes to its network that optimize traffic transfer in real time based on latency and throughput. By building this type of “Fully Open” cloud that other providers can join and contribute to, Rapid.Space hopes to eventually construct a global network and cloud infrastructure that can rival the established providers by combining smaller “clouds” on an independent and open architecture.

Rapid.Space servers manufactured by ITRenew and immersed by IWB

Submer’s immersion cooling system installed by IWB in Basel.
About Rapid.Space
Rapid.Space is a unique, high-performance, and “Fully Open” cloud provider created by Nexedi and Amarisoft to build an international cloud infrastructure focusing on openness, transparency, and reversibility. As co-founder of the SimpleRAN initiative and member of the Open Compute Project, Euclidia, Gaia-X and EANGTI, Rapid.Space strives to be at the forefront of next-generation cloud computing infrastructure development, making a case for its fully open architecture built from open source software, open hardware, and open services.
About IWB 
IWB supplies people and businesses with electricity, heat, drinking water, telecoms and mobility solutions. To this end, IWB operates a reliable, future-proof infrastructure and develops new services. As a leading provider of renewable energies, IWB wins customers in the Basel region and throughout Switzerland for its climate-friendly energy and mobility solutions. Customers see IWB as a partner in using climate-friendly energy. 
IWB produces and sells renewable and CO2-neutral energy as electricity, heat and cooling and for mobility. In this way, the company contributes to the achievement of climate targets. The goal is a completely renewable, climate-friendly energy supply.
About Submer
Founded in 2015, Submer provides best-in-class technology that enables data centers around the world to leverage the power of immersion cooling for HPC, hyperscale, data centers, Edge, AI, DL and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Virginia and Palo Alto, California, Submer consists of an international team of engineering, technological and business experts.
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Source: Rapid.Space