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random video i made i was bored.. i had fun with m3 the reason it fails when i are too far shotguns dont have good accuracy btw i dont take requests for this hack if you find one its obvious virus or something shit fake that dont work for you btw enjoy Features Aimbot = aims at enemys AutoShoot = shoots self when u talk to enemys without clicking mouse Multipointers = several aim dots means several aim spots more than 1 Wallhack = see throught wall esp = shows players weapons name etc esp sound = shows step where are enemys walking to No recoil = removes recoil from guns No spread = Removes bullets from guns actually better accuracy this most causes aim shakes ghetto vec dodger = makes harder for vector aimbot users to hit you Speed = runs faster but i didnt want to speed hack would lag in demo No flash = removes flash when some one throw No smoke = removes smoke when some one throw chasecam = makes third/first person Ignore these tags Halo Reach multiplayer online beta free give away swag bucks prizes xbox 360 forge world tutorial ms microsoft points swagbucks hacks exploits games psn ps3 call of duty black ops history of gaming vidoc trailer bungie love spartans SFEAR sfear clan webs how to computer tutorials hacks cmd never again will i be able to make money online with youtube ebay myspace hacks crack white black facebook he was so cute irfanview audacity photoshop retouching effects sony vegas platinum eight 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 lol he got owned everyone lets party

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