Ramar Foods Launches a New Line of Lumpia Under Their Premium Brand Magnolia

Ramar Foods’ premium brand, Magnolia, adds high-quality frozen lumpia to its product line. Magnolia Lumpia cocktail size is now available in the frozen aisle of different Asian grocery stores.  
Lumpia is a popular traditional Filipino dish typically served as a side dish or an appetizer with sweet chili sauce. The Filipino-style eggroll is commonly made out of a lumpia wrapper, a paper-like skin with savory meats and vegetables mixed in it. The Magnolia Lumpia will be ready to fry for all families in the diaspora. 
“Our tagline for Magnolia is ‘Finding Your Way Home’, and most Filipino-Americans, like myself, have memories tied to lumpia, whether it being from family gatherings or cooking it with grandparents,” said Lorna Dansalan-Collazos, the Marketing Supervisor at Ramar Foods. “We decided to develop Magnolia Lumpia to solidify the idea of reminding our consumers of home.”
Magnolia Lumpia cocktail size will come in two flavors of chicken and pork. With Magnolia being a strong brand for Ramar Foods’ core market, Ramar Foods hopes this launch will persuade its target market to make it the leading brand they look to for authentic, high-quality frozen Filipino products. The flavors of Magnolia Lumpia aims to give Filipino-Americans in the diaspora the feeling of comfort that gives them the taste of home. 
Lorna continued, “We also wanted to give our consumers more options on how to cook the Magnolia Lumpia by including air frying instructions to the cooking instructions on the packaging.”
Magnolia Lumpia is available in several Asian grocery stores within the United States and will also be available online at www.cravefilipino.com. The product is readily available for all families to enjoy for any occasion.
About Ramar Foods 
Over 50 years in business, Ramar Foods continues to strive to be the #1 Filipino Food company in the USA. Ramar’s mission is to shape a legacy of food products that nourish culture and community while making a positive impact on the environment.  
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About Magnolia 
Magnolia is Ramar’s premium and #1 trusted Filipino brand for over 44 years in the USA. The Magnolia promise is to make, distribute and sell the finest quality frozen products with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome ingredients and creating innovative products that connect and create value for our community, employees, and partners.
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Press Contact: Jemm Magaling
Group: Divine Creative Studios (on behalf of Ramar Foods)
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Source: Ramar Foods