Ralph Pendergrass’ New Book, ‘The Legend Stands’ Is a Rich Novella That Probes the Life of a Man Behind a Legend That Seemed to Be Forgotten by Time

Ralph Pendergrass, a man whose childhood involved farming and ranching, a courageous countryman who has been fascinated with Western tales of legends and gunfights, has completed his new book, “The Legend Stands”: an unconventional tale that’s purpose is to reignite the weakened morals and ethics prevalent in the society today. This is an enigmatic narrative about a legend who came back from the grave to tell his story. In a story that connects the past and present, join Sheriff Jack Withers as he expounds the heroic life of one of his own lost ancestors.
Ralph writes, “Step back in time as modern-day Sheriff Jack Withers takes on the case of his lifetime. Seven dead men were found in his jurisdiction high in the Wyoming Mountains more than a hundred years in the past. Modern-day forensics and techniques can only go so far, but with the aid of an old Sioux Indian Medicine man, an old ranch journal, and a distant troubled stranger, not only is the case solved but also one about the near-forgotten legend of a man and a lost fortune of gold. ‘And most importantly to Jack’, learning the fate of one of his own lost ancestors whose lawman trait had been passed on to him.
“Displeased, frothing at the mouth, slightly lunging, and tugging tight at the bit was the big black of Montana. Holding a tight rein was the only man who could set the saddle on the big black. A man whose stone-cold nerves was matched only by the stone-cold steel and deadly speed of the Colt that hung from his hip.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Ralph Pendergrass’ new book is both a puzzling and satisfying read that covers all facets in life, including cradle and grave, failure and success, drama and humor, heartache and love.
Readers can purchase “The Legend Stands” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books