Rails Reactor Announces Major Rebranding to Proxet

The major rebranding reflects the company’s growth from a specialty web app and UI shop into a world-class team of highly-skilled experts providing cross-functional digital transformation technology solutions ranging from data architecture to big data, AR/VR, AI/machine learning, DevOps, mobile, and blockchain.

Vlad Medvedovsky, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Proxet said, ”Over ten years ago, we began as a small, boutique group of highly talented developers using Ruby on Rails as our primary development tool, and using other frameworks as required. Since then, we’ve undergone a significant transformation to a team of over 150 engineers offering digital transformation solutions to enterprise and mid-size clients, cutting edge engineering solutions and expertise to tech startups, and providing team augmentation and support services.”

“Our new name, logo and website represent the significant transformation the company has made since 2005. We are grateful for the long-standing relationships we’ve built over the years with our many loyal clients and we believe our rebranding efforts allow us to better share Proxet’s expertise, services and vision for future growth.”

Contact for Media
Ruth Kanfer, Proxet, Head of Strategic Communications
Tel: +1 800 662 8196, e-mail: marketing@proxet.com

About Proxet
Proxet is a custom web, mobile and software development firm offering customized and tailored technology solutions to a wide range of clients. With over ten years of experience in building complex solutions for enterprise-level businesses, SMBs, and startups, Proxet also provides thought leadership and advisory services.