Quix Outperforms Spark and Flink in Stream Processing Test

Data stream processing platform Quix exceeded industry incumbents Apache Spark and Apache Flink in a test of performance, efficiency and usability, Quix announced today. The results showed that Quix Streams delivers up to 50 times greater memory efficiency than industry standard technology.
This result will transform enterprise data architecture, because the cost and complexity of processing streaming data is currently overwhelming. Stream processing is disrupting the $200 billion-plus big data industry as it replaces slower and less efficient batch data analytics, which can’t handle the new demands of digital and IoT data.
“Organizations need real-time, data-driven insights, so they are rapidly adopting streaming data infrastructure,” said Michael Rosam, CEO and cofounder of Quix. “But processing streaming data — at a massive volume and velocity — costs a lot in both processing and personnel resources. That’s why an efficient client library is essential in the modern data stack.”
The streaming data trend has also made life more difficult for data scientists, because most streaming client libraries fail to adequately support Python, the most-used language in data science and machine learning. Quix’s test compared the most popular stream processing client libraries Apache Spark and Apache Flink to Quix’s developer-friendly Python client library.
“Companies invest millions in streaming data infrastructure only to dump real-time data into a data lake, where it quickly loses value,” Rosam said. “That’s why a critical part of our test evaluated whether a high-performance client library enabled data teams to easily work with live streaming data.”
Full details of the test, including methodology and detailed evaluations of setup and performance of all platforms, are available here. 
About QuixQuix brings the power of stream processing to data scientists, developers and product teams. With Quix, organizations can go to market faster with data-driven products, integrate ML and AI, and avoid the massive costs of data infrastructure.

Founded in the UK by Formula One engineers with deep streaming data experience, Quix’s platform is trusted by developers at McLaren, Deloitte, the National Health Service (UK), and across industries including manufacturing, financial services, gaming, and automotive. For a free trial and to learn more, visit https://quix.ai
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