Questudio – Multipurpose Software for e-commerce Product Data Management

Industries like HVAC, healthcare, electrical and electronics, industrial tools, building supplies, sporting equipment, pool & spa supplies, etc are all using SaaS-based products from Questudio. The company has offices in many cities in the world and has around 60 professionals, which include software engineers, content editors, executive management, sales managers, and administrative staff.

One of the premier products of Questudio is CatalogStudio, which is a product information management software, catalog and web automation service.

Managing an e-commerce site is very easy with the Product Data Management software. CatalogStudio pools all the attributes of all the products of the e-commerce site and then create a website that displays it in a way that attracts customers. This gives the e-commerce store its definite advantage. The payment gateway is the best feature to help customers order online. The software is multipurpose as it serves not only to display products in a static way but is dynamic and gives the customer the advantage of immediate purchase.

Not only does CatalogStudio process the data in its central repository, but it is also able to create several versions of catalogs for publishing. Catalogs can be sent to wholesalers, dealers, potential customers, etc. either over the web or through print media. Using the CatalogStudio PDF Publishing tool, the enterprise can easily generate several PDFs and distribute it quickly.

Having multipurpose software like CatalogStudio is beneficial for all enterprises who want to increase their customer base and see a visible increase in their sales. From the creation of the website to publishing and marketing of the products to potential customers, Questudio lends a helping hand to its customers.

Questudio has been crucial in the success of many Fortune 500 companies by providing its in-built services and customized solutions. With the new changes in the industry, Questudio stays on top of the demands of its customers and is always evolving. Regular updates of its software and services are key to the success of the company.

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