QuestCDN Acquires Bid Ocean, Inc. and North America Procurement Council, Inc. PBC Through Its Parent Company, the Ljusdal, Sweden-Based Byggfakta Group

Bid Ocean offers a bid-sourcing and tender-solicitation platform specializing in the B2B and government-to-business sectors. BuildCentral excitedly anticipates the integration of Bid Ocean’s sales and marketing tools for contractors, designers, and vendors to assess and track markets, build competitive intelligence, and identify key decision-makers and company relationships. 
NAPC constitutes the sister company and component-part project of Bid Ocean, and its e-procurement platform is designed to connect purchasing organizations and suppliers with the maximum number of qualified and responsive bidders via industry-specific bid networks and buyer sites. 
“We at BuildCentral and QuestCDN are excited to welcome Bid Ocean and NAPC to our family, especially in light of our recent acquisition by BuildCentral. Together, the business will create the most comprehensive construction bidding platform in North America.” — Damian Eastman, CEO North America Byggfakta Group. 
BuildCentral and QuestCDN envision leveraging Bid Ocean and NAPC’s combined public- and private-sector market intelligence, contacts, and bid-procurement interface to grow and enhance its suite of construction data products.  
Bid Ocean ( was founded in 2001 as a premier digital bid sourcing and solicitation platform. The company allows subscribers to find active opportunities to participate in the solicitation phase of public works projects. 
NAPC ( was founded in 2015 as a sister company and complementary software service offering to Bid Ocean. NAPC has over 120 unique business portals for subscribers to access market specific and regionalized bid lead opportunities, including portals for all 50 states and project categories such as horizontal boring and the energy market. 
QuestCDN offers a bid-management tool designed to digitize and automate the bidding process for buyers and sellers in the bidding community. Its resultant information channel facilitates the timely and effective communication that paper-bound bidding processes struggle to attain.  
About BuildCentral   
For over 20 years, BuildCentral’s databases of planned real estate developments have helped real estate professionals, builders, suppliers, and investors discover new opportunities and customers. Solutions include data and analytics products for commercial real estate, single-family & multi-family real estate, medical, hotel, industrial, and retail/grocery developments, and the renewable energy and mining sectors.   
BuildCentral is part of BCI Central and the Byggfakta Group, with global operations spanning the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Learn more at 
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