Quarantine Baby GameApart Grows Rapidly

Just a few months after launching, GameApart, a platform that allows groups to play popular card, board, and party games together over video conferencing software, continues its momentum with pre-seed funding and the rollout of additional online multiplayer party games. 
GameApart’s rapidly growing game library includes GIFs Against Society and Done With 2020. Both games are similar to the hit Cards Against Humanity, however, GIFs Against Society brings features only available digitally, including memes generated on-the-fly, and Done With 2020 helps players to laugh instead of cry when thinking about the start of a very memorable decade. Done with 2020 is GameApart’s first collaboration with an independent game designer. 
GameApart’s first card game, Ochos Locos, was released this month and is based on the classic Crazy Eights. Those who like word guessing games will love The Word, Verboden, and Tip of the Tongue, designed for fans of Just One (winner of the 2019 Spiel des Jahres award), Taboo, and Heads Up.
With the introduction of numerous virtual party and team-building games, GameApart saw tremendous growth in the past two quarters, averaging 29% week-over-week growth in users. 
For 2021, GameApart is ramping up content production through licensing agreements with some of the hottest independent game makers in the world agreeing to host digital versions of their titles on the platform. 
GameApart works on any video conferencing service (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Slack, Teams, etc.) that supports screen-sharing, with one person acting as the “host” who starts the game and shares their screen with everyone. Players then use the GameApart app on their smartphones to play, interacting with their friends live around the virtual game table. GameApart is available for both iOS and Android users.
GameApart is a gaming platform designed to work over any virtual hangout platform. The company is building a catalog of titles inspired by favorite card, party, and board games along with licensed versions of some of the hottest new games to come off of Kickstarter and Indiegogo in recent years. Designed with a focus on preserving human connection and the intimacy of sitting around a table with friends, family, or colleagues, GameApart is setting the standard for casual multiplayer gaming and team building in a world where video conferencing and virtual interactions have become second nature.
To learn more about GameApart or to schedule an interview with the team, e-mail stef@gamepart.com. You can also check out the GameApart website at gameapart.com.
Source: GameApart