Quantum Integration Expands Creative Features in Software Update

Quantum Integration’s software update, released Oct. 20, includes three major new features that offer users of the IoT platform new options for creativity and improved security.
Quantum Integration is the maker of the Quantum Platform, specifically engineered hardware and software that allows electronic enthusiasts to easily build fully functional IoT networks and enjoy endless creative possibilities. 
Unlike other standalone products that require extensive time and engineering knowledge, the Quantum platform allows hobbyists and creators of all skill levels to build systems as simple as a single switch or as complex as robotics or a home automation system, enabling wireless devices to talk to each other within minutes, not days. 
Quantum’s 1.0.3 software update includes new services and new code objects incorporated from previous beta objects. “We’re positive these new additions will open up yet another level of creativity and possibilities for your projects,” said Quantum Integration President Michael Barnick. 
The software update’s features include:
Importantly, the 1.0.3 update also includes General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) conformance. Few U.S. companies opt to adhere to the EU’s GDPR standard, which requires organizations to not only ensure that personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions but also obliges those who collect and manage the data to protect it from misuse and exploitation, and to respect the rights of data owners, under penalty of law. This decision gives QI a competitive advantage overseas and provides all of its customers worldwide greater security, Barnick said.
Quantum Integration also announces that it has produced new videos for its series “How to Electronics.” The latest additions are “Magnetic Door Sensor,” “Potentiometer” and “H-Bridge Motor Driver.”
The videos serve as tutorials for some of the countless possibilities of the Quantum Platform. It provides users with a simple drag-and-drop app creation process that allows control of a device from a central location on anything that can run an app or a webpage. 
With the combination of Q-Client Builder Bases, Q-Servers and the straightforward developer environment, users can write apps and create custom firmware without coding to create custom IoT devices. Quantum’s system is a powerful learning tool with unlimited educational potential, providing DIY electronics kits with countless STEM activities for kids.  
For more information, visit https://quantumintegrate.com/.
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The Quantum IoT platform enables electronics hobbyists to create wireless devices from a simple button to home automation and robots, and control it with custom apps and firmware without coding, all through a central server. The power of making! For more information, visit www.quantumintegrate.com.
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