QUALITANCE Appoints Mike Parsons as CEO

Bucharest – QUALITANCE, the international innovation, tech, and Artificial Intelligence company founded and headquartered in Romania, announced today that its leadership has appointed Mike Parsons as Chief Executive Officer, marking a new step in the company’s global growth strategy. QUALITANCE co-founders Ioan Iacob and Radu Constantinescu are trusting Mike Parsons with this new role, following the latter’s 4-year contribution to the most important stage of reinvention and development of the company. In this new leadership formula, both QUALITANCE co-founders remain actively involved in the business and in the company’s board of administration.

Playing at the intersection of Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, Mike comes with a valuable experience in technology, design thinking, innovation, marketing, advertising, consumer engagement, highlighted by an exceptional 20-year career built across 3 continents. Mike joined the team in 2016, after his experience design and storytelling start-up, LaunchPodium, was acquired by QUALITANCE. As a Chief Innovation Officer at QUALITANCE, Mike had a major impact on our company’s identity, contributing to the development of our innovation business, supporting us in creating our own methodologies and frameworks, being part of the team that won and developed the largest projects of this type for Fortune 500 companies, such as IKEA and Virgin. Last year, Mike was the catalyst for our international expansion, leading the development of our subsidiaries in Australia and the US, which increased our technology innovation turnover by 20% and enriched our client portfolio with renowned brands such as Johnson & Johnson, NewsCorp, Ford and Breville.

Prior to QUALITANCE, Mike led major innovation projects in Silicon Valley for large companies such as General Electric, Wells Fargo and Nike. A leader of many talents, Mike also excelled in advertising, managing agencies like McCann in San Francisco and Tribal DDB in Amsterdam and London, and winning numerous caliber awards, including DA&D Pencils, Cannes Lions, Effie, and TED.

“In the Business 5.0 stage we’re in, where we build and scale digital businesses, focusing on the rapid development of digital solutions with 10-week MVPs that incorporate strategy, product design, behavioral psychology, growth marketing and experience design, we believe that Mike Parsons is the most suited leader to expand our business model internationally. His professional experience across 3 continents in defining areas for digital transformation will help us renew and fulfill our mission as a global tech and innovation company,” states QUALITANCE Co-founder Ioan Iacob. “At the same time, we are convinced that Mike will successfully carry out the strategic growth plan to which we committed before our investors and our team,” adds QUALITANCE Co-founder QUALITANCE.

“I love working on new products that customers love and help companies thrive. At the heart of this is working with teams that have a digital DNA. And I found that team four years ago at QUALITANCE. Starting this new role in these times is extremely important to me, especially because more than ever society and businesses altogether are in great need of rapid digital solutions. The chance to serve our clients and support our team is core to my mission. I’m looking forward to using the technologies, the frameworks and methodologies that QUALITANCE has built to help companies flick the digital switch for core interactions at the level of business, product and organization. I am thrilled to work together towards fulfilling this mission at a global scale,” states Mike Parsons.

In 2019, QUALITANCE achieved a consolidated turnover at group level of EUR 11 million. 20% of the technology innovation business line revenues were generated by our two subsidiaries – QUALITANCE Australia and QUALITANCE US. In December 2019, QUALITANCE attracted a EUR 1.5 million investment following a private placement of corporate bonds which are trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange MTS since March 2020.

QUALITANCE is an international technology and innovation company that creates digital products and businesses for global organizations and startups. QUALITANCE uses experience design, rapid prototyping and emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning to create innovative digital products and services and help large organizations step in the hyper-scalable 21st-century digital economy.

In 13 years of existence, the company has built a team of nearly 200 talented people across 3 continents – Europe, US & Australia, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies such as News Corp, Virgin, IKEA, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Ford on digital transformation and innovation solutions.

QUALITANCE has been recognized by the Financial Times 1000, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe and Inc.5000 Europe as one of the fastest-growing technology companies. More info on www.qualitance.com.

About Mike Parsons
For the past seven years Mike has been leading innovation projects from Sydney to New York and Silicon Valley – for brands like Wells Fargo, J&J, Ford, NewsCorp, Nike, or Virgin and helped GE set up their innovation labs – Fastworks. Previously, Mike led DDB Tribal in Europe (Amsterdam and London) and McCann in North America (San Francisco). His creative work has been awarded the most prestigious awards of the industry – Cannes Cyber Lions and TED.