QRx Digital Gears Up for BIDIⓇ Vapor, H.T. Hackney Partnership

In its role as the digital and strategic marketing firm for BIDI® Vapor, LLC, QRx Digital prepares the maker of the BIDI® Stick to partner with H.T. Hackney, one of the largest convenience-store distributors in the United States, as it extends the reach of the hiqh-quality vaping device throughout the Southeast and Midwest.
As the BIDIⓇ Stick continues to grow into one of the biggest names in the vaping industry, QRx Digital stepped up to facilitate the partnership between the Knoxville, Tennessee-based H.T. Hackney and QRx Digital’s client, BIDIⓇ Vapor, Melbourne, Fla., allowing H.T. Hackney to become a primary distributor of the BIDIⓇ Stick. The partnership means H.T. Hackney will have the full range of BIDI® Stick products to offer its customers, while representing BIDI® Vapor’s largest distribution partnership to date. This newly formed agreement will most likely triple the e-cigarette brand’s reach and is expected to have a positive impact on its projected revenue forecasts. The distribution commenced last January 28 throughout H.T. Hackney’s various supply channels.
Founded in 1891 by Henry Tate Hackney, H.T. Hackney is one of the largest names in the wholesale grocery distribution industry here in the United States. It operates mainly in the Southeast and Midwest, carrying over 30,000 products in over 25,000 retail stores. During those 130 years, H.T. Hackney has provided consumers with high-quality products and exceptional shopping convenience. 
QRx Digital Sales and Marketing Services is the advertising and digital marketing arm of BIDIⓇ Vapor. Led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Russell Quick, the QRx-initiated partnership is considered to be one of the largest for BIDIⓇ Vapor, giving it access to H.T. Hackney’s 22-state distribution network, covering much of the Eastern United States.
Source: QRx Digital