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From AdzZoo, a Certified Google Adwords Partner, comes the next big step beyond Groupon, Living Social: Qnanza guarantees new customers for any local business and generates weekly commissions for representatives without collecting money from merchants upfront! Anyone from any station in life can build a business with immediate commissions, and long-term residual income with Qnanza. The Latest development in online couponing for local business The Best rapid income opportunity ever created I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Groupon or Living Social. Did you know that the term “COUPONS” generates about 50 million searches Every month? There was a reason Google tried to buy Groupon for $ix Billion dollars. There was a Big reason Groupon decided not to sell. What do you suppose that reason was? It was BIG business gang. People are searching for a discount, voucher, coupon, gift certificate or some sort of savings from everyday businesses that they already frequent. With so much uncertainty in the world today and everyday prices on goods and services sky-rocketing at a steady pace, the consumer is looking for ways to save money. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to earn money by helping businesses get customers through their door, while building and driving traffic to a web-presence campaign that is designed specifically for them with “NO MONEY” out of their pockets. You can earn $100 dollars for every pre-qualified business that you bring through the door. No selling, no yelling

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