Q26 Releases Summer Film Issue of QTYPE To Raise Money For The LGBTQ Community

Black and Queer-owned digital media company, Q26, has released the Summer Film Issue of its triannual magazine, QTYPE, on August 11, 2020. Funds raised from the magazine issue will go back into the LGBTQ community, supporting creatives with a focus on people of color.

Queer professionals such as transgender Sri Lankan-American performer, writer, and community activist, D’Lo, actress, writer, and producer, Rain Valdez, Outfest Executive Director, Damien S. Navarro, and actress, comedian, writer, and editor, Chaunté Wayans, among others lent their stories to the magazine.

QTYPE is a triannual publication that focuses on sharing stories from queer artists to provide representation and inspiration for lgbtq youth around the world. The magazine aims to uplift often marginalized voices that do not get highlighted in mainstream media. A portion of the funds raised from subscription and magazine sales will go towards nonprofit organizations and individuals in need, including homeless lgbtq youth in Los Angeles, as Q26 has done for the past two years in winter.

Q26 plans to disperse the funds raised for this winter’s time of giving back through scholarships for young POC in the LGBTQ community. The purpose of the scholarships is to alleviate debt collected from academic study. Recipients of the scholarships will be chosen from applications submitted by students and recent graduates.

“Before the magazine, QTYPE was a blog,” said Jasmine Lowe, Managing Editor at Q26. “We usually take that fourth quarter of the year off from putting together the magazine to raise money for queer youth experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. We purchase much needed (and often not thought of items) such as feminine hygiene products, basic skincare products, and a range of toys for the young kids.”

The second installment of the magazine follows the Spring 2020 Fashion Issue, which was released in March of this year. Q26 is offering a subscription to QTYPE, which includes the Spring and Summer issues so that readers can gain access to all QTYPE issues as they become available within the year.

The digital media company also produces “Q26 Originals,” which creates original video content including “The OutCrowd” in addition to providing “Qreative Services,” which offers unique branding, ad creation, and videography services. Q26 has also created programs for queer creatives, such as “Salon,” a series of virtual meetings of the mind bringing the queer community together to talk about issues that affect them in the arts and society at large.

Q26 plans for a fully-fledged Art Center to provide space for queer artists to create and gain access to the services needed to do so, in addition to the programs designed. You can find out more about Q26 and read the latest issue of QTYPE by visiting theq26.com.