PureVPN Enters 2021 With a Pleasant New Year VPN Deal

The year 2020 has been deemed to be the “most hated year” by some. But the life-changing lessons it has brought shouldn’t be ignored. Though it has turned lives globally upside down, leaving communities torn apart, people are still tightly connected with each other with the only thread they have left: the internet. To enable users to enhance their internet experience, PureVPN brings a wonderful New Year deal that will surely keep the users digitally secure, anonymous, and entertained in 2021 and beyond.
PureVPN’s New Year Deal – 86% Off On 5-Year Plan
As of now, VPN users can grab the 5-year Plan with a steep 86% discount. The 5-year Plan can be subscribed for only $79, which breaks up at a $1.48 per month cost. That’s some huge savings on a plan that enables users to enjoy uninterrupted internet security, anonymity, and freedom for years to come.
The deal further extends to the 1-year plan as well, enabling users to subscribe to the VPN service for as low as $49.95 for the first year and $69.95 for the following year and onwards.
A New Year with An All-New PureVPN
PureVPN has brought outstanding upgrades and improvements to its VPN clients, making it more versatile, engaging, and delightful to use. To begin with, PureVPN apps can now be logged in on up to 10 devices simultaneously using a single account. The VPN service has further upgraded its VPN network with the addition of 6,500+ servers that are located in 141 countries. Users can now get seamless access to as many as 50+ top streaming channels that are otherwise accessible to only a few countries.
PureVPN has also made improvements in its privacy assurance department with the addition of multiple security and privacy audits, with KPMG being the most prominent of all due to its immense popularity as being one Big Four auditing firms in the world.
The 86% discount on PureVPN 5-year plan won’t stay for long as it will expire when the count down to the next year begins. Therefore, users are encouraged to act now and subscribe to this amazing New Year VPN deal.
Source: PureVPN