PureB2B Launches PurePredict, Uses Multi-Source Intent Data to Change the Future of Demand Generation

PureB2B, a leading global provider of full-funnel lead and demand generation for B2B technology companies, today announced the launch of PurePredict, which combines three distinct sets of intent data and synthesizes it using the company’s predictive analytics technology, to give B2B sales and marketing teams the insights they need to increase conversion rates, pipeline generation and ROI.
“Marketers today are being challenged with owning more of the funnel – not only on MQLs but pipeline and revenue as well – and it is harder than ever before to identify who the correct buyer is and the best time to engage them. Intent data was once viewed as the answer to these problems, but it’s become fragmented and costly, often limiting marketers to single types of intent, which leaves significant gaps in either validity or scale,” explained Christopher Rack, President of PureB2B. “Our mission is to optimize demand generation, so we knew it was time to reimagine intent data and super-charge the analytics behind it – and that’s exactly what we have accomplished with PurePredict.”
PurePredict combines contact-level intent AND company-level social media intent triggers AND domain-level consumption trends to provide the most accurate buying predictions available in the market today: 
1. First Party Intent Data – Delivers Contact-Level Content Consumption and Behavioral Trends
2. Trigger-Based Intent – Delivers Insights from Millions of Online Interactions across Social Media, SaaS Review Platforms and Technology Forums
3. Content Engagement – Identifies User and Account Based Content Interactions across 600,000 Websites and more than 7,000 Topics
Historically, most intent providers have captured one-off buying signals, labeling the person or their company as “trending.” PurePredict’s 3-layered fusion of intent data takes into account the prospect’s entire research journey, and the synthesis of that data eliminates the false positives and over-promising currently flooding the intent market. 
Unlike older intent taxonomies that are fairly limited to vague categories such as “IT security” or “HR”, PurePredict drills down to thousands of topics and keywords like “Phishing” or “Payroll Processing.” By combining first party and third party content consumption and web trigger sources, PureB2B seamlessly tracks over 600,000 sites and three million companies, while still maintaining high thresholds of valid intent engagement. 
PureB2B, a Demand Science company, also expects to integrate additional categories of intent data beyond First-Party, Trigger-Based and Content Engagement in the coming months.
About PureB2B
As a pioneer in B2B technology, PureB2B has spent years optimizing its approaches to discovering and engaging with business professionals, resulting in a global audience of more than 125 million technology buyers. The combination of these audiences, PureB2B’s comprehensive suite of demand generation solutions, and innovative PurePredict™ technology provide customers with the ability to identify and engage with their target personas at every stage of the buyer journey.    
About Demand Science
Demand Science is a global buyer intelligence platform with an integrated B2B solution suite that drives sales and marketing growth for the world’s largest technology and B2B companies. Leveraging decades of experience in B2B demand generation, predictive analytics, data and market intelligence, Demand Science delivers innovative products and services through PureB2B, Klarity, and Cobena to amplify the sales and marketing capabilities of businesses globally.
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