Public Transit Systems may be in trouble, Reducing Downtime and Maintenance Expenses will help. ECOFuelMax

Boca Raton, Florida – Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Transit ridership across the country has reduced substantially reducing income. Select Municipalities have helped by reducing Maintenance Expenses by reducing Carbon Pollution/Particulates. A Win-Win for everybody.

A good place to start helping Governmental agencies, Companies and the Public would be to reduce expenses while reducing Pollution. On average a Municipal Transit Bus for a minimal expense of less than $400.00 can reduce maintenance Expenses and Downtime +/-$3,000/yr per vehicle.

For over 10 years tens of thousands of Municipal Transit and Yellow School Buses have been successfully reducing Carbon Pollution/Particulates while saving money for their Counties. In addition to the Corona Virus 30+ Metropolitan areas across the United States last year lost ridership due to reliability issues, lower fuel costs and teleworking. In 2020 some Municipalities have claimed a 70%+ los of ridership, Congress has been summoned to help, will they?

In Texas, California, Florida as well as select Municipalities across the Country have realized the ECO Fuel Pollution Solution has been financially beneficial in addition to reducing Pollution. The ECOFuelMax is CARB approved and has been used by Homeland Security, NASA and the US Government for over a decade.

Now that you have been made aware of a No Risk, Money Back Guaranteed proven opportunity, what are you going to do? Those interested in doing a test and learning how reducing Carbon Pollution can reduce Maintenance Expenses and Downtime go online https:/ or call and speak with a Human. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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