Provide and KlimaDAO Partnership Announced, Offering Automated Carbon Offsetting to SAP and ServiceNow Business Customers

Provide, a Web3 infrastructure provider aiming to transform global commerce, is partnering with KlimaDAO, the leading provider of digital carbon credits, to bring automated carbon offsetting to SAP and ServiceNow customers.
The Provide ECO infrastructure enables the integration of enterprise software with KlimaDAO’s automated carbon offsetting functionality, allowing customers to efficiently offset their operational carbon footprint with no additional administrative burden or requirement for intermediaries. This is a stepchange from the existing process of calculating, sourcing, and offsetting carbon emissions, which can be a lengthy and administratively burdensome process. 
The partnership demonstrates how powerful the interoperability of public blockchain technologies is, enabling direct integration of different, complementary technologies to increase efficiencies across value chains, reduce transaction costs, and increase transparency. 
Drew Bonneau, Head of Strategic Partnerships at KlimaDAO, said, “Working with Provide is a real step forward for the Digital Carbon Market – KlimaDAO has led the development of this DCM techstack, and it is by partnering with innovative service providers such as Provide that we can really start to pass the benefits of our technologies on at scale to enterprise business customers.” 
Ryan Fleischmann, SAP Architect and Dev Evangelist at Provide, said: 
“Sustainability is a key focus area for the Fortune 500 companies that rely upon SAP and ServiceNow every day as the heartbeat of their finance, supply chain, manufacturing and other business processes. With Provide ECO, we enable enterprises to leverage the DCM to take breakthrough action on their carbon emissions and improve their Scope 3 carbon reporting.”
Provide will be presenting more about their ECO product on March 7 at KlimaDAO’s upcoming webinar, Leveraging Digital Carbon, the second webinar showcasing the benefits of digital carbon in their ON SET series. You can register for this webinar here. 
About Provide
Provide’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of enterprise web3 infrastructure to transform global commerce. Provide’s offerings in this domain are highly differentiated with integrations to Fortune 500 enterprise platforms such as SAP and ServiceNow and market-leading solutions in decentralized identity, wallet integration, smart contract middleware, and composable zero-knowledge cryptography. Contact Provide at
About KlimaDAO
KlimaDAO’s mission is to accelerate the delivery of climate finance globally by building the transparent, neutral, and public infrastructure needed to scale the Digital Carbon Market. Contact KlimaDAO.
Source: KlimaDAO