ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies Sponsors the British Sleep Society 2021 Virtual Meeting

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies is proud to sponsor the British Sleep Society (BSS) 2021 Virtual Meeting, Nov. 4-6, 2021. This is the UK’s largest multidisciplinary meeting for sleep professionals, dedicated to sleep medicine and research. This three-day high-quality program appeals to sleep colleagues across a multi-professional sleep community. The BSS Virtual Sleep Meeting will provide a range of superb national and international speakers in the sleep medicine arena.
The BBS Sleep Meeting includes both a patient and public involvement symposium. If you are a patient or member of the public who wants to find out more, please visit for more information.
ProSomnus is proud to provide continuous support for many other European Dental Sleep Medicine organizations, such as the British Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM), the British Academy for Dental Sleep Medicine (BADSM), the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM), the Spanish Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (SEMDES), the Interdisciplinary Belgian Dental Sleep Medicine Academy (iBEDSSMA) and many more.
ProSomnus medical devices are rapidly emerging as the leading, patient preferred alternative to CPAP for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Effective, non-intrusive and easy to use, each ProSomnus device is prescribed by a physician and fitted by a Dental Sleep Medicine specialist. ProSomnus devices are an excellent option for people with OSA who prefer a more comfortable treatment experience.

About ProSomnus Sleep Technologies
ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies designs, manufactures and markets FDA Cleared Class II Medical Devices for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Diagnosed by Medical Doctors and provided by Dentists, ProSomnus Devices are the first, precision oral appliance therapy devices designed to enhance compliance, mitigate side effects and, enable providers to achieve excellent patient experiences and outcomes. They have been used to treat thousands of patients, with clinical performance that has been validated in numerous studies.
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