ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies Names Global Scientific Committee Chair

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies, the leading Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) medical device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), today announced the appointment of Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh as the Global Scientific Committee Chair. This move underscores ProSomnus’s commitment to an evidence-based approach for treating OSA with OAT. Dr. Charkhandeh will collaborate with leading clinicians to develop and publish research that systemically evaluates health outcomes for patients who are diagnosed with OSA and treated with OAT.
Dr. Charkhandeh will work with leading clinicians around the world to assess and design relevant research to best serve patients suffering from OSA and to answer critical questions clinicians have in case selection amongst many therapies offered for the treatment of OSA. Additionally, the nature of randomized controlled trials requires commitment, over-sight and relevance. Research-minded clinicians will be invited to participate in this effort.
“OSA is a serious medical condition affecting 1 billion people worldwide that is associated with severe comorbidities, significant economic expense, and reduced quality of life,” commented Len Liptak, CEO for ProSomnus Sleep Technologies. “Dr. Charkhandeh is uniquely qualified to guide and support research efforts that systemically evaluate the potential benefits of OAT on health outcomes for patients with OSA. We are honored to work with him.”
Dr. Charkhandeh is an internationally renowned thought leader in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine and has committed to evidence-based research for many years during his time with Zephyr Sleep Technologies, teaching within CharkEducation or in completing a Research Fellowship in the area of “Sleep and Dental Sleep Medicine” at the University of Antwerp Hospital (UZA), in Antwerp, Belgium, where he is also currently working on his PhD. Dr. Charkhandeh has lectured at numerous sleep meetings across the world in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Brazil. He was the recipient of the 2012 & 2015 Clinical Research Award and 2015 Clinical Excellence Award from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.
“Dr. Charkhandeh is an excellent and well qualified choice to lead this effort,” states Dave Kuhns, PhD, Chief Science Officer at ProSomnus Sleep Technologies. “We will facilitate and formalize this effort with the implementation of the ProSomnus Global Scientific Committee.”
“There are few clinicians and researchers that have contributed more evidence-based research to the field of Dental Sleep Medicine than Dr. Charkhandeh,” states Edward T. Sall, MD, DDS, MBA, Medical Director for ProSomnus. “His appointment as the Global Scientific Committee Chair is a testament to the commitment of ProSomnus to increase the collaboration between physicians and dentists and coordinate clinical research leading to the growing acceptance of OAT in the treatment of OSA.”
Please look forward to more information coming from ProSomnus as we develop this forum for research to enhance the acceptance of precision Oral Appliance Therapy and the many benefits ProSomnus OSA Therapy can bring to patients.
Source: ProSomnus Sleep Technologies