Pros and Cons of Instant Cash Advances

iQuanti: Even with a steady paycheck, you may still have months where the money runs out before payday. In these situations, a short-term loan like an instant cash advance can help bridge the gap until more money comes in. And with lenient requirements and fast funding, a cash advance is worth consideration, even for those with poor credit. So if you find yourself in this situation, here are the pros and cons of instant cash advances to consider before you apply.
What is an instant cash advance?
Instant cash advances are short-term loan options that are available to those with a steady source of income. These loans are typically used to help cover expenses before your upcoming payday. Then, you’ll repay the loan within two to four weeks, depending on when your next paycheck comes in. 
Pros of instant cash advances
There are several benefits of instant cash advances, including:
Cons of instant cash advances
Keep in mind that instant cash advances also come with some downsides, like:
The bottom line
If you’re working to improve your credit score but need cash to cover expenses before an upcoming paycheck, an instant cash advance may be worth a look. The benefits of an easy application process, limited requirements, and fast funding can make these loans a good solution for those with poor credit who need money now. Plus, by making a plan to repay the cash advance on time and in full, you can avoid the downside of potentially high interest rates and fees.
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Source: iQuanti, Inc.