Owned By a Scammer HJ Dockstader Owned By a Scammer HJ Dockstader So, Profit Clicking’s Doc is actually Harvey Joseph Dockstader? Yes. If you don’t know who HJ Dockstader is, then keep reading. Let me share with you who Doc is. Doc is just like you. He is just like me. He made a terrible mistake years ago and ran an illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme. Cash gifting is illegal, the government considers it both unsustainable and fraudulent. Dockstader paid a heavy price for the mistakes he made. He spent 2 years in prison, paid his time and his dues, and has since remedied his ways. You might be wondering, how do I know that he has remedied his ways? Well, his sins and mistakes are between him and God, and I hope he has sought forgiveness from God for what he did. I can’t know that for sure. What I do know is this: he is now involved in a legal, legitimate business that is not fraudulent, but is legally compliant. So, is he involved with Profit Clicking? Yes, he is a spokesman to members within Profit Clicking. Does this mean he is “leading the company” now? No! Does this mean Profit Clicking is suddenly a scam, because they have a spokesperson within the organization that made some mistakes in the past with cash gifting, but now is trying to help the 98% of people who can’t make money online? No! Profit Clicking hasn’t suddenly become a scam because of Doc.

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